Every moment, unique in its own. Life is beautiful.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Request 2: Summer Adventure!

Gahh!! These requests are getting harder and harder!
I have been asked to post a story from an adventure from Summer, this has had me thinking soooo much! One, because, well It's winter here, Two, I get up to so much mischief that it all kinda blends in! haha!!

Well how about I give you a low-down (is that how it's said!?) of what my past Summer was like! So remember, this is around Christmas time for me...

Now, to put it all in context, I had just broken up with the Ex. A story to be told only if someone requests it, I don't need to retell it, but if someone needs to know it, then thats alright...

So, broken hearted, betrayed, rebellious, lost, living for the weekends of Summer, this is what I got upto....

I raised my standards, and I lowered them.

I gained sight of my values, and then would lose them.

I met many people,
Some who have stayed, some I've never heard from again.

One I saw from across the room, our eyes locked, we locked,
And we've been good friends ever since!

Another I met in unfavorable circumstances, which should have been the first sign, lol
 we had our many, many, ups and downs,
Let's just say, Karma did a scorpion kick to my head with that one (youtube scorpion kick!)

I had days of walking along the beach with a beautiful friend, taking photos, eating cheese and olives.
We'd walk by St. Marys Cathedral at night, drinking wine in the park!

I wrote, I drank, I hung with M. Jane and saw poetry come to life as I sat at the edge of the world!

I lived each moment, not one I would take back!

I danced the nights away,
As the Summer went on,
I discovered so much about myself.

I found myself again.

And although, there was no finding true love from another,
It wasn't what I needed,
What I needed was me!

My friends have been the greatest revelation for me,
Those who have shown me who they are,
Who I am,
They have shared with me moments I will cherish forever!

This probably wasn't what you were after, but to be honest, this is a rather poetic (but true) way of saying that I don't remember all the specifics, as it was half spent inebriated, BUT I will always remember it as the adventure to find myself again and the friendships that have blossomed over the Summer!

I know I've used this pic before, but I love it :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It only happens once!!

When I throw away the need for plans,
When I just appreciate what's around me,
Instead of what's not,

When I don't worry about the end of the year,
And what may or may not come,

When I accept that things might not go as hoped,
This is when life rewards me!


So many times I've tried to make things go right,

But when you accept that life is happening this way
For a reason,

It all seems to fall in place perfectly!

Better than planned, Because, well,
It's real, now, happening.

Instead of living life in your mind,
being hung up about what should be,

Look around, accept, and love!

LIVE in each moment of your life!!!
It only happens once   ;-)

hehehe, a pic I had to add text to for a subject at uni :) Makes me smile!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Request 1: Story about an Ex

A week or so ago I asked you all to leave a question, about anything you wanted to know bout me, my opinion or advice, whatever...
My first question I received was to tell a story about an ex..

This has had me thinking for a while!! What do I tell you?
Do I tell you only the good stuff? Or why they are an Ex?
Do I tell you I often remember the time we slow danced to 'Lady in Red' spontaneously in the dim light of his lounge-room, and it was at that point that he held me I knew I could spend the rest of my life with him?
Do I tell you that I gave him my heart, promised myself I wouldn't regret it, and found out I lied to myself?
Do I tell you that, after everything, I'd want to take it all back so I would never have to feel that pain again; Yet,
I am now stronger than I ever could have been without it.

Should I tell you what I have learnt of heartbreak instead?

Know your own heart before you share it!

Know what you deserve in life from yourself and others before you accept any cowboy's attention!

Know that your heart and soul can be so strong!

Understand that things happen for a reason, and although it may not make sense, they will!

Understand that time, takes time! Nothing heals instantly, this is your heart we're talking about!

Accept the emotions you go through! This is massive, the more  you deny or avoid what you're feeling, the longer it takes to get through it all, and you DO get through it!

Talk! Write, share, however, just vent what you need to say. It all helps! You may feel ridiculous or annoying to people, but you're not to those who care :)

Last of all, Let go!
Nothing good comes from holding onto negativity, or memories that hold you back. Karma is a wonderful thing, the more you are true to yourself, and have faith in the things you do for the good of yourself, the more you will be rewarded, just don't do things in expectation of Karma.

Life isn't a vending machine. You can't bribe it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Find your way back from the rabbit hole!

To the person who has only ever shown kindness,

Life can get the better of us at times,
We can feel confused, hurt and conquered.

You must go heal yourself,
This is fair to understand.

Have tea with the mad hatter,
and flip the Queen a birdie!

For the ones that bring you down,
Off with THEIR heads!

Thank you,
for being the first of many friends on here.
For only ever showing kindness and compassion.

You are a beautiful soul.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Same Under the Sun's eyes...

Isn't it funny,

We divide,
ourselves from each other,


No matter how we're defined, or separated
by time and distance,

We all live under the same sun,

It rises, and it sets.

We all see it.

We all watch the very same sun,
The very same stars and moon!

You could be thousands of miles away,

And yet I know that what my eyes look upon now,
You will soon receive the same wondrous sight.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

get crackin' with the Q's!!

as you may have noticed I've been horribly slack with my posts lately,
this is due to a combination of things, the two major things is that 1. I am back to study, but most of all 2. I have nothing to write about!! :'(

So this is my idea....

I want you all to ask me one, or as many, questions as you like!
On anything,
my likes/dislikes, interests, facts I know about, opinions, stories, experiences, suggestions for, WHATEVER!!

Anything you've pondered on about me or things in life, I want to write about!!!

So go ahead and ask, nothing is too stupid, weird, boring or simple! :)

Give it a go, could be fun :)

Fact number 1.
This is NOT a real tattoo on me... I like to photoshop :P
But I would like a tattoo, of a phoenix and a wolf. I think I posted something about the significance of wolves. to me and how they represent me as a person. The phoenix is for the strength in me.

So, ask away!!! :) 

Monday, July 19, 2010


I feel as though I've witnessed the end,
Reached a high,
hit a wall,
and now it ends.


You were so strong,
you made me strong.

We were climbing together,
we were reaching the top,

But you wanted to fall,
It's the same pattern,

Isn't it!

You lifted me up,
No one else knew like you did,
No one else believed in me like you did!

Anger stirs through me,
Disappointment hangs in my eyes.

Why did you have to let go?


It's the end of your greatest era,
I may never know why
With your infamous wall.

I could scream, beg and argue,
I have learnt by now ,
That won't move a wall.

But know that,
although it saddens me, deeply,
I will stand by you

not in front of you, 
I have nothing to prove in that way,

not behind you, 
We both know that is not right,

Beside you,
Through sick and sin.

You are my friend.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Men of the world: SHARE!!!

So I've been talking to a friend of late,
Our queries are, as you might guess, about boys! Guys! Men! Males!
Whatever you want to call them....

I think it's due time that we get some answers!!
Not expecting to, but it would be great if we did!! For the sake of female sanity, spare your wisdom and guidance!


1. If a guy talks to you one day, and doesn't the next, is he interested?

2. If a guy is shy, does that stop him from showing that he likes you?

3. How does a shy guy show he likes you?

4. Is it possible, girls, that he isn't shy, he just doesn't like you? (Ever seen that movie "He's just not that into you" ?!!)

5.  Do you always go for looks over personality?! Does someone that is delicately pretty hold higher interest than someone who can talk and laugh with you?

Please, pass this on, let's see if we can get an array of insight!!! hahaha...

Study has started back today, and I am bored, once again :-P

Friday, July 9, 2010


Guess what!! last week my dad was coming down as you know on the weekend, I sent out a msg to some friends to come out to the pub with me for some bday drinks.... they were all being quiet and not enthused or anything, i thought, ok it's only my birthday...

my dad gets down, acts like he totally forgot it was my birthday the following week, which is totally beleivable for him!! he forgets our names half the time!! plus I hadn't really heard from any of my friends... then dad decided he wanted to go to dinner, i thought my sis, her bf, and mum would be coming too... but no, they didn't want to.... I was feeling rather unloved and deflated by this point!!

I go  to get ready, i get out, dad says he hasnt even showered yet.. then my sis tells me they're are now coming! So i have to wait for her to get ready.... then she has to dry her hair, then she wants to borrow shoes, then her bf needs to straighten his hair.... my sis is still looking for shoes pulling my cupboard apart.... i started getting really, really impatient.....

Then all of a sudden mum calls me out to the house, says she needs my help with something..... we're standing in the lounge room, and i'm like, "what?" then she says, "ok, come out!"

and who comes walking down the hallway and opens the door? my best friend of 20 years, and my friend who was going overseas and i couldn't make her farewell!!!! when she appeared in the hallway, I screamed soooo loud!! jumped  up and down and hugged her for ages!! then i started to cry, and called them all moles!! hahahaha
She had made the three hour drive from sydney just to come down for the night!!! 
Turns out I was having a surprise birthday and ALL my friends knew!!! My sister had organised it!! one by one they all showed up.... it was such a nice night!!

I couldn't believe it! it took me a while to adjust haha, turns out we weren't going out at all! 

Hahaha, we were playing a game called kings....
you have an empty glass in the middle, and a deck of cards face down surrounding it... ppl take turns getting a card, you write the rules on a piece of paper..
Then each number has a rule, you can make these up...
Kings is always "Drink the concoction in the middle glass"
One of the cards has to involve everyone adding their drink to the center glass... such as, "Ace= add your drink to the glass" or one of the cards can be a 'rule card' where you can make up any rule you want I did one that was 'when i say scarecrow everyone has to add their drink, the last one to do it has to scull the drink...... as you can see, i lost my own rule!!!

other ones can be,
thumbs= at any time the person who pulled the card can put their thumb on the table, the last person to do the same has to scull their drink.
Bar bitch= person who gets this has to get everyones drink when they run out.
fingers= you can have a few of these, for card number 2,3 or 4, they have to drink that amount of fingers width of their drink...
rule card= you can make up any rule you like with any consequence you like!
Truth or dare= you can pick someone to do this, if they dont, they scull their drink

be as creative as you like!!

Intoxication is guaranteed!! ;) 


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let's hope...!!

I get scared,
I'll admit it.

The way I picture life the way it should be ,

Is when sun rays gleam through the trees,
When the clouds float against a clear blue sky.

With a white summer dress,
and a plaited headband.

Roaming through high grass,
Searching for my lover.

My hair kissed by the sun,
my skin wrapped in its golden warmth.

Even if it won't look like this,
It will feel like that, wherever I am.