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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I finally did it!

Helloooo my lovely people!!

Sorry it has been a few days since I've written to you all,
I have been working up the courage to start up my little 'business' (For lack of a better term!)
I have started up a little photography service!
I even spent the day developing a website! D:

It's possible that it may fall flat on its ass and I will get hardly any business, but hey, it's worth a try!!

I have actually booked my first gig! It's for a friends niece's first birthday, I was so worried about how much to charge! :S I must get more confident within myself, that's for sure!

Well, this is the site, I'm still working on it and adding more images,

Let me know what you think!!

I might not be able to post much in the next week  as I'm going to Queensland to see my beautiful little niece and nephew for their second birthday!! :D can't wait!!!

This is a pic I took of my sister.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lights, camera....BAM!

I was bored last night, and deliriously tired.... So I made my lougneroom into a mini 'studio' if you can call it that (a wall, tripod and desk lamp! lol) And decided to take some 'theme' shots! This theme, I don't know what to call it.... You decide!
It's for something I want to put together, just trying some things out!

Friday, May 21, 2010


It's almost midnight here, can't seem to sleep...
So I thought I'd share something I put together :)
My sister in law will be drawing one of the pics that was taken, so when she does I'll share the link. She does such amazing pictures, wish she knew this!! She actually sells post card size drawings on ebay, oh em gee she is good!
Anyway, night y'all! ;)

EMA:415 Visual arts assignment

NOTE: To my normal bloggers, this is a a part of an assignment for the marker to read. It is being posted here and submitted for marking at the start of June. You don't have to read if you don't want to lol
Posted 21/05/2010

Student number: 11410571

The following are attempts at a range of visual art mediums, including photography, drawing, painting, digital art and sculpture. These works are my own and attempt at developing different artistic skills that are set out in the NSW K-6 Creative arts Syllabus (2006).

(Click to enlarge images)

Board of Studies, (2006) NSW K-6 Creative arts Syllabus, Australia: Board of Studies

These three shots focus on perspective. The first is an upward shot St. Mary's Cathedral, the effect this angle has is to emphasise the size and grandeur of the building. The next shot is of my niece looking up. I was standing on the garden wall to take the picture, it produced the effect of putting her out of proportion and creating focus on her face. This sort of shot creates an overpowering effect. The last shot is of a pair of shoes, the point of this shot was to see an object from a perspective that it would not normally be seen from by the human eye. Getting down low to the ground to take the shot put a new perspective on the inanimate object.
Photography can be integrated into the creative arts strand to develop students eye for composition, line, perspective and much more.

This image is an attempt of a drawing from a movie title. I must say my drawing skills have decreased from lack of practice over the years, but my attempt was to achieve shading through line, and composition. I have a great tendency for not getting proportion correct, no matter what strategy I use. For this image I used lines on the actual image to get the angle of the eyeline, bridge of the nose and then expanded it from there.
Strategies such as that can be used for beginning drawers that find it difficult to know where to start from, or how to get the image in proportion. It can involve learning any amount of skills that are included in the curriculum such as sketching, shading, perspective, line, contrast, composition, proportion and much more.

For painting I wanted to do something that could incorporate colour, shape, space, line and composition. I decided to work with circles of varying sizes, I overlapped them, this created spaces within each overlap. I used a compass to draw the various sized circles. Then with a range of colours painted in each open space created. It was difficult to use a set amount of colours to fill in each space without them being next to each other. It started to feel like a colouring in version of Sudoku! 
This sort of activity could be incorporated into maths activities within a unit about shapes. If the rules were to use a set amount of colours, how much could they fill it in before two adjacent spaces would have to be the same colour? I didn't realise that it actually required some logical thinking, I knew I wanted the colours to be random and not touching, but had not thought it would be difficult until I got half way through it!

Digital Art:
Digital at provides such a range of possibilities and it can be open for all ages and abilities. Simple editing skills can be taught to children that will allow them to create a variety of expressive pieces for different purposes and contexts.With this image I used Photoshop Elements 7.0 a photo editing program. Some of the tools I used to create this included, Layering, Opacity, Brush, Paste, Copy, Gradient, Contrast, Brightness and Stretch .The theme I wanted to go for was 'nightmare', I had to reflect on what elements create a dark and gloomy atmosphere as well as an image that would be 'scary'. The current vampire craze was an instant idea. The image is of me, that I spliced in half and copied then flipped the image. This distorted the image somewhat, I then added fangs with the blurring tool. The clouds and trees gave it a Bram Stoker's "Dracula" look to it, reminiscent of a dream. 
Students can use photo editing programs to develop their computer literacy skills, creativity and critical reflective skills for a range of purposes. The possibilities are endless.

Stoker, B. (1897) Dracula, Re-published in 1994, United Kingdom: Puffin Classics

For sculpture I made play-dough as I didn't have access to clay. The medium itself made an impact on how I could sculpt the different pieces. Usually with clay I could have created more texture and have the objects standing up; But with play-dough I had trouble making the whale's tale stand up, and creating the texture of cat's fur. I used tools such as a knife and fork. The knife was to carve wrinkles, eyes and mouth, and also to blend in the the dough to create a smooth effect. I used the fork to create the texture on the starfish by poking it, and the fur on the cat by tapping it with the prongs of the fork. To hold the tale up on the whale I used a bread clip as a prop. Most of the pieces were created by starting off with a base shape, and then adding each limb or section to it. The face was the most difficult, but I really wanted to try it. Adding cheeks, nose, brows and chin it was hard to get them in proportion, but I wasn't worried, as it made the face look more daunting. I did enjoy creating the wrinkles with the knife.
Sculpture can be used in a variety of curriculum studies such as Maths for 3D objects, English for character creation, science for model making and in HSIE for diorama's.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've noticed that I don't like things coming to an end, even boring things that need to be done...

I have been slaving away non-stop every week day trying to get assignments done early so I am stress free when I go see my family in QLD....

I'm on my second last assignment to be finished, I'd say I have about 200 words to go... And it would be so easy to finish....

Yet... where am I?.... on facebook, hotmail, making a coffee, chatting, blogging!!!


I do this EVERY TIME!!!

It's like, as soon as I am about to finish and move on, I just stop being productive!!

I always find a reason not to just finish something straight up.....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Giving out my first award! :D

I have decided to make an award!
I wanted to get to know you a bit more,
or just be amused,
either way, I'm set.

Here are your options! (Be adventurous, it's not about embarrassment, just fun!)

1. Set up your camera on self timer (3 or 5 secs will be fine), hit the button and RUN in front of the camera view and try and get as far as you can before the shot is taken! Post it!! I'm sure your behind isn't as bad as you think! haha

2. In a conversation with someone work in the word "Woof" randomly, see how many times you can say it (With a straight face helps)... Post your score, and share their reaction!! example "Hey, woof you pass me the salt please?"... "I'll pick woof up in ten minutes, see you then!"

3. Before you go to hand something to someone, raise it to your nose for a second (As though you're sniffing it), and then hand it over casually as though nothing happened. The more mundane the object, the better the reaction you'll get! Such as a cd, money, phone..... Record the facial expression you receive in detail!! It's hilarious, trust me!

4. List 5 jokes that actually made you laugh out loud! REAL LOL's!! 

5. Find a location, anywhere, room, backyard, bathroom, holding your camera spin around in a circle, press the shutter randomly, tell us all about what's in the picture (whatever it is!!!)! Doesn't matter if it's blurry, you'll clear things up! ;-)

Hehehe, can't wait for the results, remember, it's all for a bit of fun, give it a whack, you never know!
Don't worry, you're still cool ;-)

Here are the lucky people!!!

John !

Christiejolu !

Alice !

Tywo !

Then pass it on to whoever you want to do this too and see how you'll be amused! :-) Here's your award! YES! It's my shoes!! hahahaa

Sinking Reality!

I'm surrounded by silence,
But the thought of you beats loudly in my body.

My head is drowning in the weight
of thoughts.

My chest is sinking
with emptiness.

My fingers can touch
Nothing but air. 

My eyes dull as they look
at the empty space.

I stop.

I wait, and wait,

and watch,

and wait.

You're not coming,
You're not looking.

My stomach swirls 
In the tidal wave of reality.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Today is not a day of sense....

Some one liners I haven't been able to make anything more from,
But they keep running through my head,
So maybe I should just say them all and they won't bug me anymore....

Loving you is like holding onto a rag doll
falling apart at the seams.

Grasping so tight to air
That isn't mine to hold.

I need a different place, with
different faces, or
An old face
In a new place.

I can't deal with drama so well these days.
I feel like I'm being a horrible friend of late.

I could've sworn I finished High School.....

Most of the lines aren't related, though some are.
Today is not a day of sense, is all I can say...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I had a dream..!!

So last night I had a dream that I had found not one, but TWO four leaf clovers!
One thing that stood out was that the stem on one was longer than the other.

So I went out to my yard trying my luck!

No such luck....

But, being a believer of dreams and how they help to define for us what's going on in our life, or within our soul, I had a quick look of what the significance of a four leaf clover was....

This is what I found-
So the number four represents

Wholeness; the completely integrated human psyche.

wholeness; according to Jung there are four functions of consciousness; thinking, feeling, intuitiveness and sensation. The goal is to incorporate all into your waking life (you will always be inclined to one function as your lead). There are also the four corners of the earth

Four in a dream is a positive symbol. The four represents immense inner strength, energy, vitality and a great love for and connection with nature. Four analyses and organizes, the four is where the change in the human personality takes place.

The four leaf clover:

A four leaf clover symbolizes a complete, balanced self, contentment about your life. You have successfully come to a resolution of some problem. A three leaf clover represents past, present, and future.

I can't say how much this surprised me!
I have been working on becoming the person I always knew I was. I got lost for a while, and was given a second chance to be ME, and no one else.
It's what I keep in mind everyday and try to practice. I really do mean it whenever I write

 "Stay True, Keep Strong"

I am becoming content with who I am as a person, I feel strong with who I am. I have resolved some things in my life, some doubts, some people and some circumstances that made me question what the hell I'm doing!
I didn't think I had yet fully accomplished what I set out to do, but I do believe I am at a better balance within myself.
I fully believe in Karma, and a conversation with someone who was a part of the circumstance I had the other day, has helped me to feel that I can actually be strong enough, get the respect I deserve and move on!

Karma and I are now at evens again. I've paid my dues, suffered my consequences for the things I've done. And I am now ready to only be true, to myself and others!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


My mother, aka "Moomy!" (Mooo-Mee)

She is the pillar of strength,
When others can go no further.

She stands,
When we fall.

She protects,
When we're scared.

She guides,
When we're lost.

She speaks truth,
When we're confused.

She forgives,
 When we're sorry.

She gives her all,
When we have nothing.

Her love is strong,
Her heart is true.

I am who I am,
My values and my strength,
Are owed to this woman.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Beauty in the Tragedy

It is with another's loss,
That we say thanks for our own fortunes.

Secretly grateful.

With one life lost,
Many will cling to their blessings.

Spirituality is brought out and dusted off.

Within one tragic moment of time,
A community is brought together.

Ashamedly "This is what it takes" they will think.

One loss,
And walls of difference brought down.

No status, colour or history for this moment of grief.

Our masks of society,
Taken down to pay respects.

Vulnerability risks being seen.

With each life lost,
We look at that road with more mournful thoughts.

The tragic beauty one split moment can bring.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why do I do these things?

It's been occurring to me more and more these days that some people, even my own friends don't understand why I do the things I do. So Let's try and clear some things up...

1) Why do I study, read, watch 'behind the scenes', watch interviews and news, learn new skills, and take the time to listen?
Put simply, I like to learn. about things, people, facts, events etc.
I feel that to be strong mentally, ignorance is your biggest weakness. I like to know as much as I can about anything. I study because 1, I don't give up just because I'm bored of it, 2, I like to feel accomplished and knowledgeable, 3, It gives me pride to know that I am learning a skill that I can pass on.
Knowledge is the one thing someone can never take away from you.

2) Why do I like to do "boy things" such as weights, boxing, wrestling?
To be strong physically, means you are strong mentally. If you can push yourself that bit further each time, or achieve a goal you set out to do, it is the power of the mind that will get you there.
I like to feel strong, capable and not held back by physical inability. Why should something be impossible for me to do just because I'm not strong enough, or because I am a girl? If I work on my body, I work on my mind, this leads to strength for my soul.

3) Why do I do so many things?
I sing, act, play guitar, write, study, draw, paint, graphic design, photograph, box, kick box, and more, simply because,
I try.
When given an opportunity to try something new, it never occurs to me that I cannot do something simply because I've not tried. Of course there are times when I mentally block myself, which only hinders me in the end. But a lot of the time, I succeed because I think it through what I need to do, and do it. It bothers me when people don't try something, telling themselves they can't when all they have to do is try!

4) Why do I say weird things?
I've not really noticed it, but apparently I'm odd, different, strange.
Ive no real need to answer this, because it doesn't bother me. It just shows me those who have not tried to get to know me.
I realise I can be seen as stand-offish when I first meet someone, but this is simply my own protection. Yes, it takes a while to get to know me, but for those who stick around know (At least I hope) that it is worthwhile.
Or, I say weird things, purely for the fact that I have a twisted sense of humor!

5) Why do I study by correspondence? 
I was in a long distance relationship for three years while I did my degree in Sydney. He lived three hours away in my home town. He did not want to move to Sydney, so I decided to do my Masters by distance once I graduated my Degree. I moved down, got a new job and full time study. Then we broke up after 8 months of me being down here. For reasons I am past now. I don't regret my decision, if I hadn't have done it, I would still be wondering what could've been and never have known. Now I know...
I've learnt who I am as a partner, a loyal, selfless person who would do whatever it takes in the name of love. I don't regret, I learn.

Well, I think that will do for now!!

Hopefully that cleared some things up for y'all! ;)

Stay True, Keep Strong
Beautiful souls.

Another Award!

And perfect timing, as it gives me a break from study! :D

Thank you Alice In Wonderland for this awesome award!! x

So I had to either,
a) Post a video or pic of me playing an instrument, 
Well there is already one here somewhere of me playing guitar.

b) A picture of a pet

c) A very long post about my favourite book.
Well, I avoid writing massive amounts of words like the plague, unless I have to for an assignment :S

So guess which one I chose!

This is Rocky,
and this is Mia

They drive me nuts a lot of the time!! I still have a soft spot for them though, don't tell anyone!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The old Sarah

"Don't get me wrong you were great. But you are now meeting the old Sarah :)"

"The old Sarah? I'm not sure what that means lol"

"The old one who had values and lived up to them. The strong one who did what was right for her even if it went against what she wanted."