Every moment, unique in its own. Life is beautiful.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A scar to remember

Our strongest muscle is the heart,

They beat with anticipation, fear and excitement,
They break with heartache,
They heal, learn and become guarded

Only to do it again and again,

A vicious cycle

Is the search for love.

Our scars remind us,
But don't let them stop us.

The bigger the fall,
The longer the rush!

Meet Tinkles! My first pet :) From my sister and mum. x

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chapter 3:

At what point do we know
That risk has its reward?

At what point do we run for that edge?

My eyes can't lie,
They never could.

If you look, for those who take the time;

You'll see me wanting to run,
Run towards the edge,
Arms spread.

Feel the wind,
The rush,
The faith,
The reward.

Oh, how I crave to run!

Towards that edge,
Let me run, leap and fall!

Look into my eyes,
They do not lie.

Look, trust and believe.