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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

God, if you can read this, please..

I've come home from training,
It's been 40 degrees celcius, all day.

I'm exhausted and dehydrated.

The cyclone Isa has been making way,
It promises to hit very soon.

My brother is driving 14hrs to be with his family,
To protect them.

I can just feel the urgency in his soul as he drives through the night,
Driving as I write this,
To his family.

His heart pounding, determined; I'm certain.

Driving as Isa draws near,
ready to bring her rage and destruction,
And leave while a sorrowful silence lingers in her aftermath.

And what am I doing?


Thousands of kilometers away.


All I can do,
Is pray.

Let them know I love them.

God, please

Watch over everyone,
Their beautiful souls.

Please, let the courage and strength of our people
 Win the battle against Mother Nature,
This one time.


  1. May God protect your brother and his family. May God continue to be with us all.
    You are so sweet, and lovely.
    The days have been nice. We have a blizzard tonight. I'm scared. It's going to be my first.
    I miss you. Stay beautiful.
    All my love.


  2. And now it has passed and everyone is safe -thank god!

    Also, That lamp is awesome!

    Shan x